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I help create work-life stability, improve job and relationship satisfaction, and build leadership and communication skills.

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The stress of being in a demanding role day after day can leave you feeling tired, distracted, and joyless. Major life changes (regardless of whether they are positive or negative) can be disorienting and emotionally draining. Life gets busy and can feel overwhelming, but looking for professional guidance doesn't have to be.

My goal is to help you start feeling better fast so that you can get back to doing what matters most to you. I offer a sliding scale, which allows most people to find a level of service that fits with their budget and schedule. I use existential therapy, cognitive-behavioral therapy, and psychoanalytic techniques in order to give my clients every possible tool to help them meet their goals and become the person they want to be.

Significant Life Changes

Major life changes can happen in an instant. You might need help navigating new stressors during this season of life, and sometimes we all need a reminder that life remains full of potential regardless of the circumstances.

Work Stress & Burnout

The way you manage stress and anxiety can have a deep effect on yourself and those around you. An expert can help you sharpen your ability to cope with the demands of work and other responsibilities so you can enjoy life every single day.


Improving relationships can be tricky. There's no reason to feel like you have to figure everything out by yourself. Sometimes just talking through the problem with an expert can help identify solutions and bring about a richer perspective.

I'm here for you.

I work with individual adults, groups, and organizations. My client list includes retirees, entrepreneurs, small businesses, and Fortune 500 companies. I use trusted methods to help my clients heal, define a vision for their future, and show up in the world as better partners, friends, and family members.


Meet Austin Johnson, PhD
Clinical Psychologist

I have a PhD in Clinical Psychology, a master's degree in Cultural Anthropology, and over 10 years of experience. I am a published author and international conference speaker. I work with busy adults, high achieving professionals, retirees, and groups to help maximize performance, improve work-life stability, and increase satisfaction in work and relationships.

Working with me does not mean lying on a couch. It means being skilled and action-oriented. It means making changes aligned with your values and goals. I've worked with clients from all different walks of life and would be happy to set up a free initial consultation to hear more about what you're going through and your unique goals.

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