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Everything you need to know about sessions and billing.
What is therapy? And how is it different from coaching or consultation?
Therapy, psychotherapy, and counseling are often used interchangeably and refer to the process of working with a licensed professional to solve or manage a range of emotional, relational, or behavioral challenges.  

Whereas therapy focuses on solving a problem, coaching focuses on building on strengths that someone already possesses. Many forms of therapy include elements of coaching and vice-versa.

Consultation refers to a number of strategic ways to utilize the skills and knowledge of a licensed psychologist without entering into a formal therapeutic relationship.
How can therapy help me?
Therapists utilize a range of research-based strategies for helping you to think about problems in new ways, identify why previous efforts to solve a problem have not worked, and to help fast-track your progress that might otherwise take months or years.
How much does therapy cost?
Our work together begins with a free consultation during which we will discuss your unique goals, ideal outcomes, expected timeline, and fees.  
How long does treatment usually take?
This depends on many factors. Many people report feeling better after only one session. Research has shown that 10 to 12 sessions tends to be a common benchmark at which many people are able to see noticeable results and lasting change. During therapy we will do regular check-ins about how you are feeling about your progress and fine-tune our work as needed.
Can I use my insurance to pay for therapy?
I do not bill insurance, but I can provide you with a superbill upon request if you choose to seek reimbursement from your insurance company for out-of-network benefits.
Why do people choose to pay out-of-pocket for therapy?
When therapy is covered by insurance, the insurance company dictates the length and duration of sessions as well as what happens in each session. Some diagnoses may not be covered, and payments may stop without timely notice leaving patients liable for any unpaid bills. Any documentation associated with your treatment becomes part of your file with the insurance company and can impact other benefits such as the cost of life insurance and other premiums or coverages. These are some of the reasons why many people choose to payout-of-pocket for therapy given the choice between private pay and using insurance benefits.
Do you offer online therapy?
Yes. All of my services are available online and conducted by telephone or through a secure video-conferencing platform. I do not offer in-person therapy at this time.

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