Now-Colored Glasses

February 20, 2024

Here's a brief stress management concept:

Whatever you may be feeling in any given moment, there’s a tendency to see the world through that particular color of glasses.

For example, if you’re feeling relaxed it’s easier to recall memories when you felt relaxed. When you’re feeling frustrated you tend to remember all the moments when you felt frustrated.

It’s like wearing “now-colored glasses.” In other words, our view of the world is drastically shaped by how we’re feeling here and now.

This is a common bias and nothing to be worried about. It’s just good to keep it in mind so that you don’t get caught off guard whenever it happens. When you are more aware of how this effect plays into your daily emotions, it helps create more cognitive and emotional flexibility and more resilient coping.

And it’s a reminder for stressful times that what you’re likely to remember in the days to come are the moments of calm, quiet contentment that show up unannounced and then sneak away with just as little fanfare.

Wishing you moments of peace for today and the days ahead,


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